Silence (a partir de 5:4)

1. irr. app. (ext.) – Silence (Their Little Bones…)  … 2:04 2. Ricky Ian Gordon – Water Music: A Requiem – II (Of Eternal Light) [Richard Westenburg: Musica Sacra]  … 10:05 3. Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti – Cold Call (Gramercy)  … 4:18 4. Brian Eno – Constant Dreams (Textures)  … 3:57 5. Galina Grigorjeva […]

Världens tystnad före Bach [fragmento (a)]

Det måste ha funnits en värld före Triosonatan i D, en värld före a-moll partitan, men hur var den världen? Lars Gustafsson (1982)

Schubert: «Abschied», D. 475

/…/ is one of the most inspired settings by the then nineteen-year-old composer, a miracle of mellow detachment and the ability to sublimate expression through silence. [Stewart Spencer] Über die Berge zieht ihr fort, Kommt an manchen grünen Ort; Muss zurücke ganz allein, Lebet wohl! es muss so sein. Scheiden, meiden was man liebt, Ach […]

George Antheil: Ballet Mecanique: For Pianola Solo and Percussion Ensemble

/…/ an elaborate sacrifice is dramatized in the closing moments of the Ballet Mecanique when, after a fiendish cadenza, the pianola breaks down. The machine stutters, becomes stuck on a single phrase … a trill and leaping clusters. And as the machine expires Antheil introduces increasingly longer silences, according to Slonimsky, the first time in […]