EII – Die Schwarze Ausstellung

>>Visceral, ferocious, luscious, a wild place to be as an experience itself sensually sensitive, to reach out for the impossibilities, an unlimited world of sound, all around us.<<
— SIMONE SANTI GUBINI, Berlin 12th July 2018

Die Schwarze Ausstellung is an unknown place, where the light leaves us. An unbroken will to live, a world of the loudest non-sound and anti-light shining brighter than the lowest point of living. A stunning nature in itself, a dark beautiful place to be.
The music is build upon huge antithesis. The sound, dynamics, layers and shapes creating constantly new (syn)energies. The instrument is engaged in a high-strength tool, a muddy bacon to bring home the evolution. It is loosing control, it is in the very control. It is not there, but everywhere here.

«Simone Santi Gubini: Ell – Die Schwarze Ausstellung (2018) [fragmento]».
De «A exposición negra»; concierto de Vertixe Sonora Ensemble (15/10/2018, Auditorio Municipal de Cangas do Morrazo).

Ell – Die Schwarze Ausstellung
(Berlin, September 2018)
music for amplified orchestra of nine instruments & E-Guitar pedalboards
simone santi gubini
© mow Berlin 2018

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