George Antheil: Ballet Mecanique: For Pianola Solo and Percussion Ensemble

/…/ an elaborate sacrifice is dramatized in the closing moments of the Ballet Mecanique when, after a fiendish cadenza, the pianola breaks down. The machine stutters, becomes stuck on a single phrase … a trill and leaping clusters. And as the machine expires Antheil introduces increasingly longer silences, according to Slonimsky, the first time in […]

El silencio antes de Bach [playlist]

1. Bach: Aria mit verschiedenen Veranderungen. Goldberg Variationen (BWV 988) – Aria & variatio 1 a 1 Clav. Pianola 2. Bach: Goldberg Variationen (BWV 988) – Variatio 2 a 1 Clav. & Variatio 5 a 1 ovvero 2 Clav. [fragmentos] Antonio Serrano, armónica 3. Bach: Prelude & Fugue In A Minor, BWV 543 – Prelude […]

‘El silencio antes de Bach’

‘Die Stille vor Bach‘, Pere Portabella 2007 J.S. Bach: Variaciones Goldberg, variación 28. Daniel Ligorio, piano Beatriz Ferrer-Salat; Casandro

EII – Die Schwarze Ausstellung

>>Visceral, ferocious, luscious, a wild place to be as an experience itself sensually sensitive, to reach out for the impossibilities, an unlimited world of sound, all around us.<< — SIMONE SANTI GUBINI, Berlin 12th July 2018 Die Schwarze Ausstellung is an unknown place, where the light leaves us. An unbroken will to live, a world […]